Children of the Occupation

           Children of the Occupation                     April 18, 1985

Two young children playing games upon a Belfast street
No hate, no feelings bad, each other did not mistreat
Those lovely years, those little kids, they laughed and played their games
Good times both kids did enjoy, irrespective of their names
Things changed as the kids did grow, now they stand as foe
Many years have passed since those childhood days of not so long ago
The two young children playing games upon a Belfast street
If only they knew then how nice it was, to be friends and love to meet
It's different now, so different, in this adult world, God why?
Will I meet the friend I played with, can we love again let's try
The times we had, be they good or bad, the times we had were fun
We played as little children, no soldiers' tanks or guns
I miss my friend from that Belfast Street, my friend of childhood days
Does he think of me, does he feel the same, we've gone our different ways
Why must it be, my friend like me, none of us are free
With the foreign army in our land, he's just the same as me
We're both Irish though I'm not accepted here, if we try the change will come
With the army gone we'll meet again, we'll meet again as one
Just like before on a Belfast street, no hate no feelings bad
The precious years when we were kids, the lovely times we had
I pray my friend, my friend so dear, of not so long ago
The day will come when we're friends again. Our feelings we will show

                                              Gerrard McGeachy

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