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The Realization Of Dreams The Realization Of Reality

The dark clouds covers the skies,
The trials of life hangs our we water the land
They want to call us gods....but we are man
Man with limits mixed in dust
In the height of our dreams turned to crust
Crust that soon crumble and blow away,
praying our crumbs aren't chosen today
The sun is out but we can't see the skies,
  Waiting for the rays to tickle our eyes
Surely there must be bread in the heavens await
but dense minds go south and make their escape
Wrap me in the bright robe of hope I say
A thousand minds have collapsed today
Dreams stirs hope but reality creates smoke
         to cover the sky
Our eye are burning but we just cry
If time is poured in doses measured on a scale
Are this the days of mankind weighed in  hell?

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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The Realization Of Dreams The Realization Of Reality