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Visiting Time

I could feel her mental presence
Gently entering my mind
Like a child in a library
A little awed at what she'd find.

I reviewed the details slowly
Of a previous night
Making very certain
Every second played just right

I could feel her little giggle
Start a little blush
But she stayed in me
Didn't seem in  any great rush

So I sighed and sent a clear
I love you love you
And felt her shiver
Although she already knew

And for a while we enjoyed
Such an intimate bliss
Before I felt her leave
Felt the passion in her kiss

And I left to go and eat and do
The routine things of life
Telling her how much
I missed my warm and loving wife

And I bent down to her gently
Knew she had heard
Kissed her cold cheek
But the figure never even stirred

And the figure in the bed
Showed no sign
It was aware
Of any presence of mine

Just continued steady breathing
The way it had been
All those weeks since
They'd switched on the machine

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Visiting Time