vicki wroe

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 Man's Best Friend

You are my shadow and follow me everywhere,
Whenever I'm feeling low I know you are there,
You do not speak but everything you see,
A guardian angel you guide and protect me.

You don't stand in my way or ever tell me I'm wrong,
You let me learn from my mistakes then pick me up and make me strong,
Never judge my decisions or tell me lies,
Always there to love me and dry my eyes.

You're beside me in the morning and at night,
Help me wake up happy and then sleep safe and tight,
You know when things bad are on their way,
You never ever cower or hide or run away.

You don't have a voice so you can't talk,
But you have four legs so you can walk,
You're my little collie dog black and white,
And I'll love you forever until there are no more nights.

Vicki Wroe, 17 (c)

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