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Vengeance Day

Now was the time of her decision
Enthroned at her scrying seat
Each candle placed with precision
Each component pristine and neat

She sang the spell across her scrying bowl
Each note rippling through the liquid there
To merge and emerge as a haunting whole
Hanging floating drifting in that still air
Until directed to the image found
Where it coiled twirled and twisted
Until completely wrapped around
To capture and hold the mirrored head

She held the image in her mind
Set the weirding words free
To hold and firmly bind
Let the weirding words see

Then she set them loose
To do her will
To seek find and choose
To maim and finally to kill

And she poured away the water there
To seal and firm her spell in place
Felt it moving from away from her
At an ever increasing pace
To that existence on another plane
Heard an agonised and eerie shout
An echo of unbearable pain
Of a life force rudely snuffed out

Like the candles around her scrying bowl
Each carefully wrapped and placed away
Until the next hunt for another soul
On the next appointed vengeance day

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