Thoughts of a Mother

What's Going On

What are we to do in a world that treats everyone so cold
How are to live in a world where everyone's ready to explode
Why can we not teach our young to grow up and respect one another
When every time they turn around someone has lost another mother
Due to the senseless killing that goes on everyday
You almost seem to expect to hear that another child has just been slayed
My kids don't go outside because it is not safe to go in these streets
Even sending my son to the store worries me just to get something to eat
What kind of world do we live in what have it become
Where are all the parents where have these violence come from
Where is the safety at, definitely not in the schools
The young are missing out on so many of life tools
I wonder will my children make it in this crazy world in which we live
I wonder if the future realizes that there's much more god has to give

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What`s Going On

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