Faculty Of The Mind: By Michael Ssemakula 

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 Tears in Heaven

I was greatly held spellbound on this extra-terrestrial tour
Strolling alongside the seraphs; by the sapphire islets
And the book of life was opened; featuring my entire past

Here I was, peering at what was supposedly my holdings
I marvel at the golden boulevard; leading to my allotments
And wondered as to why, I missed all these fine assortments

Detailed, I dash out of myself; what a spectacular audition!!!

Were all these chattels projected to have been my very own?
While pondering at the misery and misfortunes of my bygones
I get carried away; into those bingos blended in fireworks

At the end of my creation; Sincerely, I ought to have consulted

Digging for each divine Lexis; that I ever heard on the orb
The very terms, I thought were concoctions; kept on flashing
My mind lolled openly in pure crystal goblets; what a miss!!!

Behold; my real life that was never lived; lay unused in my locker
Had I known...I remembered the day I gave my life to Jesus
I catch myself drowning in floods of my own tears running down
The purest of God's grounds; my spirit was renewed into joy

I hear sounds of roaring waters mixing into a new song
A rider on a white horse, emerges with many crowns on his head
With eyes like a blazing fire; He reaches out and wipes my tears

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