Beautiful Disaster

Survial of the Fittest

It's a hectic world out there
But you do what needs to be done
Prostitution will earn you a little cash
And drug money can provide a meal or two
It all depends on reputation
Who has the bigger gang?                    
Which gang has won more fights?
Wadded up newspaper makes a nice pillow
For the bench in the children's park
And once you dust off some old peelings and grime
Trash isn't too bad
You should take toiletry bags whenever offered
And shower occasionally too
The lice and fleas can be a bother
Beg from the rich, the young, the naive
Always take food or money offered
As much as you would like to keep integrity
It isn't always possible
I'm sure you don't want to steal the shoes
But you have a job interview tomorrow
And if you don't get this job
Your children could go hungry for another two weeks
Until you find some more food to steal
Keep your guards up at all times
Don't trust anyone
Even if you would like to
People will lie, steal, and cheat
They will take you and break you
And leave you on the street
You will have to fight for what you want
And fight hard
Homeless shelters will put a roof over your head
And a meal in your body
Go as often as possible
If you are willing to give up your pride
Don't be late
Watch you back all the time
You never know who is going to be coming around the corner
Try to avoid the police
They will always suspect of something.
You got to do what you got to do
Just to survive
But when stripped of all they had most find
The only thing one needs to survive
Is faith
In the great God above
Those who tried to survive on there own
Figured it out.  
It's not possible
Humanly, its impossible
But with God, all things are possible
And He is seeking those who are not the fittest
He is all you need
The Master of Survival
And the Savior of Mankind.

*Based off of my mission trip to Philidelphia  2007*

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