Beautiful Disaster

I Want It My Way

Alright God
I give my life to you
I'm giving you control
Do whatever you have to do

Excuse me God
Don't mind me
I just thought I should show you
Some things you might like to see

It's no big deal
And your still in control, right?
I'm just thinking a couple changes couldn't hurt
And it would shed some light

And maybe if you made me like this
And made my family like that
And if you would just find me a boy
And make me less fat

While your at it
Can you make people care
And open their hearts
And let them learn to share

Don't worry God
You're still the Almighty One
I'm just making some suggestions
And I'm almost done

God, I'm confused
I gave you my life
To ease my load and do as you like
But it has only caused me more strife

Oh, Okay God
I think I get it
You take the wheel
I'll take a seat, relax and submit

Once again Lord,
I surrender my life to you
But this time
I want it to go your way.

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