Beautiful Disaster

She Kept Her Dreams

She kept her dreams in a jar
So they wouldn't wander far
But her dreams where big and began to thrash
And tipped the jar over with a great big crash
She tried to grab them all
But they were too soon flying down the hall
Her dreams flew right out the door
They flew til she couldn't see them anymore
So these sweet, innocent dreams flew around
And flew into the smug-filled, rat-infested, litter-filled town
They saw needles without medical staff
They saw men abuse women and laugh
They heard children cry for food
They heard language sounding so rude
And these great big dreams
Started to shrink a little, or so it seems
The dreams saw some happy houses
But inside were abusive spouses
Traveling around, searching for hope
These dreams refused to sit and mope
They only seemed to find more despair
No one seemed to care
By now the dreams were quite small
Shriveled, barely dreams at all
They had almost lost all hope they had
And what was left, was very sad
Wearily they wandered home
They had no where else to roam
She gathered them all
And they told her what they saw
She looked them with true eyes of blue
Sighed and said" I know, that's why I have you"

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