Beautiful Disaster

What We Had Vs What We Got

We come from
A different world
Our eyes grew wide
At what we saw
Needles and broken glass
Excesses amounts of trash
Poverty beyond belief
Families suffering unbearable grief
We came to share the word
But instead we just absorbed all we heard
We thought we had come to teach
But apparently it wasn't are time to preach
God brought us eight hours away from home
To learn of what happens to hearts that roam
We listened and learned, and fought back tears
We prayed with our newfound friends; for their hopes and fears
They have experienced God's love first hand
And have been through things we couldn't understand
And all they needed was a sign from above
Reminding them of that unconditional love
No one really asked for much
Just a simple smile or a gentle touch
We went up to serve and spread God's word
But something very different occurred

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