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THE SONG DIVINE (Bhagavat Gita in English verse form)

Srila Prabhupad's translation of the Bhagavat Gita in poetry form
                     COPYRIGHT by Author
                               CHAPTER I                                            
                        Observing the Armies

Said Dhridarashtra "Oh Sanjaya,
My sons, after assembling in the pilgrimage place of Kurukshetra,
To fight with the sons of Pandu,
What did they do?                                                                                          1

Sanjaya said "Observing the phalanx military                                        
Formed by the sons of Pandu, though not many!
King Dhuruyodana, went and asked his teacher-                                        2          
"Oh my teacher, please see the great Pandava army,
Arranged by Dhrupada, so diligently,
That disciple of yours whom you groomed intelligently!                              3

Archers who can fight like Bhima and Arjuna,
Warriors like Yuyudhana, Virata and Dhrupada,                                        4
Heroes like Dhrshtaketu, Cekitana, Kasiraja
Purujit, Kuntibhoja and Saibya,                                                                      5
Chariot fighters like Yudhamanya, Utamaya,
The sons of Draupadi and that of Subhadra;                                                  6          

But oh, the best of brahmanas, please note                                                  7
That everyone can quote
That Bhisma, Karna, Krpa, Asvattama and Vikrama with a mettle        8
Always victorious in battle:

Along with many others who will vie
With each other do die                                                                                9
For my sake - equipped as they are with many weapons
As well as experienced in military science.
Our strength is immeasurable:
As we stand behind Bhisma, the indefatigable                                       10
But our opponents just have the neophyte Bhima, the fallible!

Nevertheless, all of you must support our grandfather
So that at strategic entry points there is no bother!"                                        11
Then everyone heard a loud lion like roar,
The sound coming from Bhisma's conchshell's core.
As the Kuru's grandsire who gets everyone's adore
Blew his conch shell filling every pore
Of Dhuriyodana with joy more!                                                                      12

Then drums, horns, trumpets and bagels
All together made the sound tumultuous!                                                  13

Krishna and Arjuna in a great chariot
Drawn by four horses white,
Sounded their conch shells in transcendental might.                               14

After Panchajanya by the Lord sounded,
Devadatta by Arjuna reverberated,
Then Paundra by gluttonous Bhima vibrated,                                          15
While Anantavijaya by King Yudhistra reverberated,
Sughosa and Manipushpaka by the last two Pandavas echoed.
Lastly those of Sikhandi, Dhrstadyumna, Virata and sons of Draupadi concluded!                                                                                                    16-18

Rending the sky and earth, the din thundered without a break
Shattering the Kaurava hearts to make
Their courage and confidence shake!                                                               19

A chariot decorated with Hanuman's flag flying high
Which seated Arjuna lifting his bow high
Aiming his arrow towards the Kauravas nigh,                                           20
Uttered to Krisna, the Supreme Personality all High
"Please take the chariot between the two armies
Therefore, that see may I my adversaries
Who desire to fight to get victories                                                            21-23
For Dhridrashtra's son, the evil minded one as it is!"

Sanjaya said "O descendant of Bharata,
Lord Krishna did as requested by Arjuna and said "Behold the assembled Kurus"                                                                                                    24-25

Whereupon Arjuna saw that his adversaries
Were just his fathers, grandfathers, teachers
Uncles, brothers, sons, grand sons, in-laws and well-wishers.                 26
When the son of Kunti saw his kith and kin,
He was overcome with compassion;                                                                 27
And said "They are just my friends and relatives;                                    

Assembled in the spirit of fighting!
Seeing them, my limbs are quivering,
And my mouth is drying,
My body is trembling,
My bow Gandiva is slipping.                                                                      28-29

I can't stand here any more,
My mind is tore,
I forget even my true core!
I see only misfortune in store!                                                                      30

Can killing my own kin bring any good?
Even if it should
Bring victory, kingdom or happiness under its hood,
I don't desire in my present mood!                                                             31

Kingdom, happiness or even life,
Winning them by a strife,
Are of no use when its enjoyers
Themselves are the to be killed warriors!
Though they wish to kill me,
Why should I wish to see
Their death in exchange for the earth and all the worlds three?
No way will killing the Kauravas bring me glee!                                        32-35

Oh Krsna! husband of the fortune bestower,
Saints don't kill even an aggressor,
As sin will them do capture.
It is not proper
To kill the Kauravas and our comrade
As our happiness will surely fade.                                                            36

Oh Janardhana! These men are of the breed
Who overtaken by greed,
See in killing friends or family no fault indeed;
But why should we, though of the same seed
Who see the crime, heed
To their sinful creed?                                                                                 37-38

To continue fighting is not wise,
As it leads to destruction of dynasty, family tradition and irreligion, step wise;                                                                                                               39

Irreligion causes pollution of women and hence progeny vice;
This creates unwanted population and a life of hell,
Sounding death's knell
Both for the family and its fore fathers who cannot be well.
As food and water offering to them fell!                                                  40-41

Family tradition destroyers
Give rise to unwanted children producers
Leading to family welfare devastators                                                             42

O Krsna, O people maintainer:
I have heard through disciplinic succession
That hell is the place for those who destroy family tradition.                    43

Looks like to commit sinful acts we are striving:
Driven by desire for enjoying,
We don't mind sinning
By preparing
To commit ourselves to killing
Our own kinsmen, without any feeling!
Better if they kill me unarmed and unresisting!"                                        44

    CHAPTER 2  (Contents of Gita summarized)

Beholding Arjuna filled with compassion,
Eyes full of tears and mind full of depression                                        1
Krsna, Madhusudhana went through the following diction:

"My dear Arjuna how came on you these impurities?
Not to one who knows life's natty gritties.
They belong to one who has lost his integrities!
This will throw you away from the planet of celebrities!                              2
Yield not to this degrading impotence
Arise, and give up not perseverance
Chastiser of enemies, show no reluctance."                                                  3

Arjuna said "Men like Bhima, and Dhrona are worthy of worship:    
How can I go before them like a war ship?                                            4
Better to live by begging,
Than to live after killing
Those teachers and superiors, though desiring
Worldly gains, will only blood taint                                                            5
Everything I will enjoy surviving a faint!

Now know not I which is better
Conquering them or deter!
We should not care to live
By not letting them live!
Yet the battlefield they will not leave!                                                            6

Confused now am I and lost in composure
Because of miserly weakness for sure
Please accept me as your disciple
Tell me what is best for me in principle
For I surrender to you in times multiple!                                                  7
Though I got in a moment brief-
I can't drive away this grief-
Which however hard I try
Or even if I win a demigod kingdom high                                                  8
Leaves all my senses dry."

Sanjaya said "Finally the enemy chastiser, Arjuna, told Krisna"
‘I shall not fight.'
And sat down tight!"                                                                                     9

Whence Krsna, smiling spoke the following words:
"You speak learned words only in brief                                                      10
Mourning for both the living and the dead is not worthy of grief
For, there was never a time when I, you or all these kings didn't exist      11
Nor will there be one in the future, where they will fail to persist!            12  

As the body passes from boyhood to youth to old age
So does the trapped soul passes to another body-cage!                              13
A sober person is bewildered not by such a change.

As winter and summer appear and disappear,
Happiness and distress are never permanently near
As they are sense perceptions mere
Without being disturbed tolerate them, dear!
Only if you could acquire such gear,                                                            14-15
Could you be assured that liberation is here!

"Endureth not the material body; changeth not the soul"
So say truth seers after studying the nature of the whole.                            16
Soul pervading the entire body is indestructible
It is also immeasurable, eternal and imperishable.                                             17
But material body is bound to come to an end
Hence take you bow and bend!                                                                           18
For you cannot slay the living soul
As it has neither beginning nor end nor birth nor death in whole
It is also unchangeable, unborn and primeval.
Knowing these, how can a person put anyone to death?                                   19
Just as one puts on new garments giving up old ones.
The soul similarly migrates to new material bodies giving up the old worn out ones!                                                                                                    20-22
Note that no weapon can cut it to pieces
Nor fire can reduce it to ashes
Nor can water moisten or wind wither;
Unbreakable and insoluble neither.
Omnipresent, invisible and inconceivable.
Why then grieve for the body destroyable?
As death is sure to follow birth,
So also birth comes after death.
Hence lamenting while doing your duty is not worth.
Unmanifest to manifest to unmanifest again.                                                  23-28
If you lament for this is there a gain?

Some look on him as amazing,
Some describe him as amazing,
Some hear of him as amazing,                                                                                
However, what a pity?
Others understand him not though they heard his ditty!

Know that as a Kshatriya fighting for principle religious                              29-31
Should be your duty doubtless:
No need to hesitate,
Or go back to vegetate.
Happy are the kshatriyas who get the chance unasked,                                 32
For the way of heavenly planets to them are unmasked.
If you fight not and vegetate
You neglect your duties and instigate
Loss of reputation as a profligate:
People will heap on you infamy;
More respectable are you than many:
Hence better accept death than dishonour from any!

Great generals who hold you in high esteem
Sure will think you fled as you lacked the steam!
And conclude you not worthy in their team!
Heap they will many dishonour in a ream!
Scorn they will your ability – don't you deem,
That this is painful and bitter than neem?                                                  33-37

Even if you get killed you get planets heavenly
Or if you win you will enjoy kingdom earthly.
Either way you lose not – hence fight resolutely.                                        38
Consider not glee or melancholy,
Loss or gain, defeat or victory;
But fight for the sake of fighting
That will protect sin incurring!

You heard so far analytically studied knowledge;
Now listen about working without grudge:
Even when fruitive work results will not budge
Only by acting in such knowledge                                                             39
Can you free yourself from bondage!

In such a type of endeavour,                                                                         40
There is no loss or fall back even at the last hour.
Little advancement on this path will secure
One from that most dangerous fear for sure;
As anyone in this path have their goals steadfast
But if you get diverted by many branches you will get downcast!

Getting attracted to sense gratification,
Some men due to knowledge limitation
And due to flowery Vedic word attraction,
Recommend activities for elevation
To heavenly planets, good birth and power
Also they say "more than this there is never",
Folks following such gratification forever,
Go after material opulence, but sever
Devotional service to the Supreme giver!

Beware that the Vedas deal with three modes of nature
Transcend these in the future:                                                            41-44
Dualities and anxieties don't feature
When you get the self realized posture!                                                    45

Purposes served by a small well
Can be served also by a reservoir very well!
Similar only the real Vedic goal knower can its purpose tell.               46

Perform your prescribed duty right
But to get the fruits thou hast no right                                                              47
For thou art not the cause of its result:
But not doing your duty is an insult
Do it without any stilt,
Towards success or failure don't tilt!
Achieve then thou Yoga wilt!                                                                        48

Oh Dhananjaya, distance activities abominable
By being devotional service capable
Sure, you will become "miser" able                                                               49
If you strive to find action fruits enjoyable!
Devotional service in action,
Rids you of all good and bad reaction;
Even in this life you will get his sanction
If you do the (art of all work) yoga as your function.                              50

By engaging in service devotional
Sages are freed from work result material
Escaping from birth and death ethereal
Reach the state beyond all miseries terrestrial.                                        51

Once beyond the dense forest of delusion,
All heard and to be heard will appear as illusion.                                        52

When flowery Vedic language reveals itself superfluous
And you remain in self realized trance mellifluous
You have become divine conscious.                                                          53

Curious, Arjuna asked "O Krsna.
What symptoms become conspicuous
If one has become transcendentally conscious?
Speak, sit and walk all such gestures multifarious                                        54
How does he perform them – at time times various?

Supreme Personality of Godhead said:

Giving up all desire for sense gratification,
Which have origin in mental concoction,
After his mind attains purification
Acquires in self alone satisfaction                                                            55
Only then has transcendental consciousness has reached maturation!

For a sage with a steady mind
Happiness cannot bind
Three fold miseries never mind                                                                      56
Nor has attachment of any kind
Fear and anger in him you never find

For him with knowledge perfect
Obtaining good or evil will not affect                                                            57
Neither any does he praise or reject.

One who can his senses from its objects withdraw well
As the tortoise draws its limbs within its shell
Is always in perfect consciousness still                                                  58

Even though restricted from sense enjoyment
Soul still retains such attachment
But he can cultivate full detachment
If he gets higher taste of fulfilment
In his consciousness without bereavement                                                  59

Strong and impetuous as they are
The senses even to bar
An endeavour from a man who at par
Wage with them a discriminating war!                                                            60

A man of steady intelligence,
Restraining such senses,
Control them from their dances,
Consciousness upon Me fixes,
Thus gets My nexus.                                                                                61

Through contemplation of sense objects attachment develops
From attachment lust unfolds
From lust anger sprouts
From anger delusion grows
From delusion bewilderment of memory burgeons
Memory bewilderment leads to intelligence loss
Finally one falls into material world without a pause!                              62-63

But with no attachment to bind,
And no aversion to mind,
Using regulatory principles of freedom behind,
Will he God's mercy find.                                                                             64

From one thus satisfied,
The three-fold material miseries hide,
In his consciousness will intelligence abide.                                                  65

When not connected with the Supreme
Mind becomes unsteady as it lost its theme
Transcendental intelligence goes away as a dream
With it also peace in its seam
With peace gone can any happiness be born?                                                      66

A boat can a strong wind sweep away
So can the intelligence fall a prey
Even if one of the roaming senses is not kept at bay!
Object restrained senses can thus yield steady intelligence—on can say.    67

Having steady intelligence
Means restraining your every sense,
From the sense objects to which it bends!                                                       68

Night time for all living beings is activity for the self realized;
Activity for all living beings is nighttime for the self-realized.                 69

The ocean though is always still,
Even when all rivers fill-
Likewise only if undisturbed by incessant flow of every desire
Can one for peace aspire:
Never if he wants to satisfy every desire!                                                       70

When desire for sense gratification is nil
To satisfy desires there is no will
False ego gets a kill
Sense of proprietorship is ill
Then only dose real peace fill!                                                                           71

Thus the way of spiritual life you heard
After attaining which one is not bewildered
Even at the hour of death situated as such
Can one the kingdom of God touch!                                                                 72

                                        CHAPTER 3
                                        Karma Yoga

Arjuna said:
 "Oh Janardhana, Why do you want me take this fight assertive,
If you think intelligence is better than work fruitive?"                    1

I am confused by your instructions equivocal;
Reveal decisively which is more to me beneficial."                    2

Supreme Personality of Godhead said:
As I earlier briefed,
There are two classes of men who try to become self realized:
Some try to understand by speculation philosophical
Others by service devotional.                                                            3

Mere work cessation
Achieves not freedom from reaction;
Nor just by result renunciation
Can one acquire perfection.                                                                      4

Everyone must act in the prescribed structure
Made by modes of material nature;
None can stop even a little gesture
For a second fracture!                                                                                5

Restraining the senses of action,
But having in mind sense object retention
Is just a way of self delusion
More aptly called pretension.                                                            6

Controlling sincerely senses of action,
Having a mind without sense object retention,
Begin Karma Yoga without addiction,
It is definitely a superior function.                                                  7

Doing duty prescribed
Is better than work proscribed!
Even body should be worked to be properly thrived!                    8

Work not done as a sacrifice,
Causes bondage and hence is vice;
Hence, Kaunteya work for His satisfaction:
Then you get liberation.                                                                      9

In the beginning of creation,
The Lord sent forth generation of men and demigods;
Along with sacrifices for liberation,
To be done by the human generation.                                                  10

Pleasing demigods by sacrifice,
Begets prosperity without any vice.                                                  11

Pleasing by offering the demigod apposite
Gets life's full requisite;
One who offers never but enjoys ever
Is certainly a burglar.                                                                                12

Devotees from sin are released
As they eat only offered food, which the Lord pleased.
Others who prepare food for sense pleasure,
Eat only sin for sure!                                                                                13

All living things live of food grains;
Grains are produced by rains;
Rains are produced by sacrificing gains
Got by doing prescribed duty without pains!                                        14

Regulated activities are in Vedas prescribed;
Vedas by the Lord are described;
Hence in sacrificial acts transcendence is inscribed!                    15

Vedic sacrifices not followed,
Gets one into life of sin hollowed;
Sense satisfaction oriented living,
Is nothing but unworthy thriving.                                                            16

Having only pleasure in self,
And realization of self,
Fully satisfied in only self,
No duty left for him in his shelf!                                                            17

For a self realized man
Has no duty to do by plan;
Neither any reason for any work ban;
Nor is he dependant for his work on any clan!                              18

Act just for duty sake:
Attach not to the resulting take;
Working without attachment,
Is what gets the divinity attainment!                                                  19

Kings like Janaka were perfected
By just doing the duty intended;
Therefore just for educating people in general,
You should work as a "General"!                                                            20

Action done by a leader,
Is repeated by the follower;
Standards he sets by example,
Is followed as a principle.                                                                      21

There is no work for me prescribed;
Nor is there any want for me which can be described;
Nor is there any need of me to be satisfied;
Still no duty by me is proscribed!                                                            22

If duties I don't perform,
All men would take it to be the norm!                                                  23

If I did not perform duties as per prescription,
All the worlds will be subject to ruination;
I would cause unwanted population,
Moreover, there will be no peace but annihilation.                    24

When ignorant their duty perform
Attachment to results form;
The learned similarly act,
With no attachment to distract
But put the people in the right tract!                                                  25

So as not to disrupt,
Result-attached working ignorant men abrupt;
Learned men work with them but avoid corrupt
Acts that will ill erupt.                                                                      26

Spirit soul thinks he is activity doer,
Due to ego-caused bewilder;
In reality any activity here,
Is only done by three modes of nature without fear!                    27

Comprehending fully the Absolute,
He will keep away from senses resolute
As he knows well the difference between
Fruitive work devotional service serene.                                        28

Ignorant, under material nature's mode
Engage themselves in material activity in hoard;
In addition, become attached as a node;
Even then the wise should show no perseverance
To cause their material activity severance,
As it is only due to their ignorance.                                                  29

Therefore Arjuna without hinder
To Me surrender:
Knowledge other than Me don't aspire,
For profit no desire,
With no proprietorship in sight,
And with all your might,
           Fight!                                                                                           30

Doing duty as per My injunction
Following this teaching and function
Without envy and dereliction
Become freed from bondage and get liberation.                              31

Those who disregarding My injunction,
Disobeying this teaching and function,
With envy ignorance and dereliction
Get ruined without compunction,
In their endeavours for perfection.                                                  32

Even though high in material knowledge
Actions can't from his acquired nature budge
Even though high in education
One can only function
As per acquired modes of nature
Any repression can't change this feature.                                        33

Regulating attachment and aversion,
When senses and objects in proximity function,
As per Vedic prescription,
Will clear in path of self realization                                                  34

Better, do ones duty faulty
Than attempt another's perfectly
Rather while doing your duty get destroyed
Than while doing another's duty endangered.                              35

Arjuna said: "Oh descendant of Vrsni"
Why is one forced to sin even reluctantly?"                                        36

Supreme Personality of Godhead said,
"Arjuna, it is only due to lust,
Direct contact with passion it burst
Transforming into wrath it is the sinful enemy worst
The world's all consuming pest!"                                                            37

The living being covered by lust;
Obscuring a mirror: like dust,
Eclipsing fire: like a smoky crust,
Encapsulating the embryo like: a womb just!                                        38

Lust, the eternal enemy can lure
The wise entity's consciousness for sure
Though by its nature pure
The victim never has any cure
From the crusted lust which satisfied never
Burns like fire!                                                                                          39

Seated in his mind, intelligence and senses,
The bewildering lust his knowledge fences!                                        40

Therefore O best of the Bharatas,
Even from an early stage,
With this symbol of sin, wage
A war using sense regulation:
End this destroyer of self realization!                                                  41

In terms of controlling power,
Sense to sense object is superior
Mind to senses is superior
Intelligence to mind is superior
But know that, intelligence to soul is inferior!                              42

Being transcendental to sense mind and intelligence
One should steady the mind up
Conquer and wind up
The insatiable enemy to pulp!                                                            43

COPYRIGHT by Author: Amarnath Annathur

©2000 - 2019 - Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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