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 The Greatest Book

So many good books are out there
You can find them almost anywhere
The internet makes it easy to obtain
Useful information for you to gain

What do you want to discover in a book?
It may be something to change your outlook
You are into adventure, mystery, and history
One book has this and much more in its story

You will read about lions, giants, and bears
Stories of victory over burdens and cares
Suspense in future prophecy yet to occur
History that has happened, not just a blur

Many people go to a counselor for advice
They feel more secure that it will suffice
For marriage, children, or their own need
Help will be found they can easily heed

Perhaps you know the book I speak about
You can trust that is true without a doubt
This book is the Bible, God's Word to man
From cover to cover, it reveals to us His plan

Study the Bible for what God has in store
Start with Psalms and read it more and more
When you see it as God's message to you
It will give you guidance in all that you do

Psalm 73:24 (NASB)
With Your counsel You will guide me,
And afterward receive me to glory.

Written by Carol Salter on 8/11/07

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