Thoughts of a Mother

So one day  you meet this guy

So one day you meet this guy whom you fall deep in love
The two of you go together like a hand fits into a glove
So you talk constantly, basically every minute of the day
You talk until there's nothing left in the world for you to say
You can't stop thinkin bout him, he won't get off your mind
You can't even take a nap without thinkin bout him at some time
You just know that he's the one, but are to scared to even say it
You don't know what he's thinkin, you don't know how he'll take it
So what are you to do, when you know he's what you need
You know he's want you want, you know he's what you breathe
Do you take a chance and tell him and hope he feels like you
Do you put it all on the line, I would if I were you...

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So one day you meet this guy

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