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Withdrawal Ė Part of the Faerie Saga

The ships were loaded
All preparations made
The people all boarded
Now the last card played

They altered racial memory
Of those creatures left behind
Just a few subtle adjustments
To a still developing mind
Perceptions subtly shaded
So the race of Faerie Folk
Far from being warriors
Became an almost joke

Gone the fierce fighters
And in their place
Were planted images of
That much gentler race
Little flying creatures
Magical and rare
That flittered and fluttered
In and through the air

The retreat then covered
Came the time to leave
A time for looking forward
Not a time to grieve
Then Oberon and Mabs
According to plan
Took ship and left Gaia
To the ascendant race of man

Out into the Galaxy
And deep unexplored space
To find and build a New Earth
To take that Old Earth's place

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