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After hours of labor, I delivered my child to the world,
The doctor beamed in triumph and said, "It's a girl!"
I was thoroughly exhausted, completely spent,
But I lay there smiling, feeling very content;

Then I saw her wrinkled face and shock replaced my joy,
"How ugly she is, why couldn't this have been a boy?"
The doctor glared at me. "She's beautiful, in good health,"
"For such a fine child, some folks would gladly give their wealth!"

As she suckled the first time, pain began to spread
Like fire through my body and I dropped her to the bed;
A nurse picked her up and said, "Aah, he's so cute!"
"He's a girl!" I snapped, rendering the poor nurse mute;

Grabbed my squealing daughter, held her close to my chest,
Her hungry little mouth greedily seeking my breast;
As I nursed my darling, I felt a fierce sense of pride,
Love and affection I would never try to hide;

As the months flew by, she blossomed like a rose,
Beauty personified from her head to her toes;
She's all grown up now, full of grace and style,
When I look at her, I can't help but smile;

My daughter and I’ve had many storms to weather,
But whenever I think of our first moments together,
My heart always melts and my eyes become wet,
Fond memories I cherish and will never forget.

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