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Charity Thieves

What's going on in the world today?
They say they're helping but who can say
They tell lies with so much skill
and close their eyes
 while the foxes steal
Stealing and plundering and telling lies
  with devastating pictures
     in our eyes
Where's the alarm?!
     Where are the hounds?!
They were taken to the river
  where they drowned
Drowned in luxury
 without regret
   Their eyes closed up
     when they got too fat
These crafty witches cast their spell
  with the voices of suffering
      and scenes from hell
Through wasteful tactics this roaches rob
 with their eyes glowing
   in the dark
Stealing and robbing without a care
A dollar got through?!
  that's so rare
Money is being spent
 but money's being saved
The road to riches has been paved
Paved in secret with blood and bone
Paid with the money from a priceless stone
The wave of charity
    is a beautiful force
      but the birds of prey
             picked away his voice
Picking and killing and stripping the land,
   bringing to nothing the love of man

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Charity Thieves