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I've been a soldier, been a fighting man,
I've seen the deserts of Iraq and Iran.
But, who's flag is really in my hand.
Governments of the world get more corrupt every day,
there ain't any freedom in the countries that we stay.
We all live under the same sun,
but tear places apart with bombs or a gun.
It's better to be second in a war never fought,
than have annihilation and leave a planet distraught.
Oh, there can't be a God up above,
looking down on us sharing his love.
Damnation will come and humanity will go,
after the big bombs and the nuclear glow.
But as far as a Heaven or as far as a Hell,
when we're all gone who'll ring the church bell?
Oh, the religions I have issues with them too,
begging for money from me and you.
Not paying taxes, not giving back one dime,
being so pompous about the Divine.
It won't be long before we see,
The Bibles self-fulfilling prophecies.
Then Armageddon will come and go
leaving nothing living but a nuclear glow~~~>

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