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Think of Me Always...

When you see a roaring river,
a summer thunder storm, or
an eagle soaring high in the
early blue dawn sky.

Think of me…
When you see ocean waves breaking high,
When the purple shadows of  dusk makes you sigh.
When you feel like you want to cry.

When you look into the southern skies and see twinkling
stars shining so grand.
When the wayward wind blows a lonely dustdevil
across the hot desert sand.

Think of me always holding your hand.
Please think of me when ever you can.

I’ll be there in each sunbeam, in each snow flake,
in each rainbow that arcs the sky blue lakes.

I’ll be there in that early spring red rose
as it quickly climbs and  grows.
I’ll be there each time the tiny firefly glows.

I’ll be there everyday that you think of me,
and no one but you will ever know how
much I love you so!

My Darling...
I'll always be around,
even though I may not
make a sound.

Jackie R. Kays

Think of Me Always...



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