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I Am Black!

          I am black
Let the wolves travel in packs
Ooh that say I'm not a man
On these three words I shall stand
          I am black!
I need not make the word a beautiful song
Thou, O Blackness stands alone
Thou are more than skin deep
Diamonds and pearls upon me
       thou have heaped
        O beautiful color
While some may shun thee
      I will have no other
Even if I went into ten thousand rooms full of plaques
      that read there is no value in being black
  I'll thick to thee like glue
      My God's painted hue
Without thee the stars wouldn't shine so bright
Thy beautiful skin controls the pure night
Wake-up! O Sons and Daughters of gloom
       In thy skin there is no doom!
For thy reach stretches far beyond the stars
       I know who I am
I shall never again be put behind another
                     man's bars
       For I am black!!
You don't have to poke and pump me for pride
Look at me...I am alive!
So let the world cast their disparities
   But among others,
I haven't seen fairer trees than these
Though some were cut down in their prime
They left such a beautiful and strong root in my mind
   Whom stood their ground
These my ancestors are so profound
    I'll never let anyone
 put a fool's banner around my hat
  Or my value let another man set
I reject the envious man who says
    I am a curse
I came from the sparks of a thousand fires!!!
    That burst into glory
                    in the burning skies
  Then poured down in Envy's eyes
   To expose his envious lies
        I   Am   Black!!!
Thou, O Skin, are a strong tower        
O how I love being in thy power
Thou are strong, beautiful, and bold
           Ooh my precious gold
   Thou that encircle my soul
Even if everyone should forsake thee
        I shall stay
Thou are so pure within...
              O how I love thee,
                    my beautiful skin

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James


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I Am Black!