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 The Day

This is a poem I've wrote for my great uncle Les who sadly died on 31st August 2007,
I have been asked to write and read out a poem at his funeral on 5th September. Please
read it and leave comments so I know if it sounds o.k to be read out. Thank you.

The Day

Good honest souls,
Are far and few,
But we found the best,
The day we met you.

A giver not a taker,
Always offered others,
A dear sadly missed uncle,
A precious one of a kind brother.

A warm welcome and smile,
Is what you did give,
For all of your family,
You enjoyed to live.

Never moaned about life,
Or shared your trouble or cares,
Just got on with this journey,
Even if you were scared.

A gentle genuine man,
Had not a bad word about anyone,
I look at your picture,
And can't believe you're gone.

A gentleman all your life,
Caring and loving too,
A precious soul in our lives,
Now the angels have you.

You wouldn't want us to sit here,
With tears in our eyes,
You'd want us to smile,
It's not a forever goodbye.

You're always in our hearts,
Only but a thought away,
And as long as we believe it,
You're soul will forever stay.

It was the month of January
In 1924 you were born to the earth,
The world received something precious,
On the day of your birth.

At a great age of 83,
In the last morning of August 2007,
The world lost a gentleman,
As you became an angel in heaven.

RIP uncle Les,
It has been a pleasure,
To know you like we did,
The memories will last forever.

Vicki Wroe, 17 (c)

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