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 If I Could Be Marc Anthony

If I could be Marc Anthony
What could we write for you to see
A song written, that he's not sung
Begin I'll try, where it begun

Inside of me where footprints daunt
Lived love supreme, where pain now haunts
The need to love once had that slipped
Across right pass our fingertips

I'd call your name to single out
The one my heart still talks about
To crowds that payed to see us sing
Who once had love but, now nothing

They'd sing your name along with me
They'd cry my tears for you to see
The man who sings but not in song
Of poems read where they belong

In short my song unsung would say
I dreamed all this and of the day
That fairy tales really come true
As proof I have, we'd show them you

Inside my heart, upon theirs too
Though empty now we saved a few
Words we wrote for them to see...

The me who's not Marc Anthony

Whew... You can say that again...LOL

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