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 The Pace Of Faith

This walk sometimes more like a crawl
Convinces me it's no task small
To hold on to what eyes can't see
Inside your heart it faints and flees

Flinch and fail is the outcome
When faith flies South and doubt becomes
The state of mind knocked out in pain
Often blinding what you can gain

You bob and weave your tribulations
Your sucker punched by speculations
You fight the fight with good in you
Your just stopped short of coming through

Knocked down by life but not knocked out
Is just what faith is all about
Battle scarred with bloody nose
You get back up with faith you rose

How much more to win this fight
You soul search deep into the night
The bell won't ring, today your bound
To cramp up if your faiths not sound

Your corner man believes you can
Trained by the best, the son of man
Who tends the cuts, you bleed for him
Who bled for you, in life to win

The pace of faith will test your will
To see GODS plan for you fulfilled

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