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Songs of Creation

O sing to me O Dawn,
    Sing to me when
the morning drinks the Sun
when she's thirsty and dry
and her unquenchable thirst
    opens every man's eye
O sing to me my Skies
    in the pure night
  with raindrop cries
  from the blessed spring
     O sing
   Sing O Moon
Thou that have the perfect
  shine and tune
Thou are silent and sweet
Ooh thy beautiful shine
   puts the night to sleep
Listen to the chorus
     of the waves flow
They come so peacefully,
   their voices so low
Let the gentle rains wet the grass
      Ooh before sweet Night pass
Sing to my eyes my Beauty
    For it is thy duty
I care not for thy word choice
  as long as I hear thy sweet voice
          coming in the winds
O sing to me sweet creation
          Sing to me again

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Songs of Creation