Poetic Verses

He Doesn't Cry

Cold and still
No longer light
Let go will
Gave up fight

Wrapped in shroud
Begin the pall
Few heads bowed
Remembrance small

One who cleaved
stands there by
Is he bereaved
He doesn't cry

She struggled long
Love finally found
Commitment strong
To him she bound

Yet, then, why
as there she lay
he doesn't cry
She passed away

Took she his bride
Faithfully stayed
Side by side
Life they made

Give and take
Love to share
Would not forsake
Took gentle care

Of life talked
Dreams they planned
Together walked
hand in hand

They never fought
They kissed goodnight
Did what they ought
because it's right

Prayers now done
Looks to sky
Says "Goodbye Hun"
He doesn't cry


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He Doesn`t Cry

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