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I Can't Take My Mind Off of You

Right now you're gone
Hundreds of miles away from home
Watching tourist leave their beach houses
Catching eye on all the water horses
And going shopping empty handed
I thank God your story isn't over yet
I've watched you collect the pieces of your heart
Playing pick-up sticks – time and time again
I can imagine you now,
Taking a break at the local Starbucks
Sipping your double shot espresso-
Coffee being too weak for you liking
Grabbing your t-mobile phone
Thinking about texting me
But hesitating-
It's been too long….
Or has it been to short?
Since I've last held your hand when you cried?
Fire dripping out our your eyes,
Both truth and lies leaking through the cracks of your silo
Remembering how wretched some men are
Never again, settle for the hay-
When cashmere is ready at your request
Never forget all the tools at hand
And never forget the warehouse of love
And the fence of angels-
That surround it
But above all,
Never. No, never, forget our love,
    for each other

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I Can`t Take My Mind Off of You