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Thou Have Spoken Sweeter Words of Satan

Thou have spoken sweeter words of Satan
himself than what thou have cast at my feet.
What have I done, O friend, to draw the rays
                     of such burning heat?
Though I desire wind and water and
         the shaded trees,
I'm set in the midst of noon
              and teased.
Only allowing me to daydream about the water crest.
       While crude Heat take my breath.
If there's a word formed both small and great,
               that goes beyond hell's hate,
     thou have consume without measure?
Where thy heart's at lies thy treasure.
    If thou would be so kind,
let a soft cloud form over thy brow
        and someway somehow
   The gentle rain will quench my thirst.
  And then, maybe, see a friendship's rebirth.

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Thou Have Spoken Sweeter Words of Satan