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Truth is Deeper than Skin Color

O Skin, how you are adored in my sight
   but thou are but dust you know,
      From dust thou come...
        To dust thou go
Though I am proud of thy warrior scars
     from mad men behind free bars
Thou only are second to God's pure light
Because sweetest is he whom my eyes seek
   O Lord, to whom my tears leak
Thou are beyond the skin and the bone
       Thy blood cleanse alone
         the sin of man  
Though I'm thankful to thee for my skin,
     Earthly loyalties break
     But thy word never bends
My tears honor my eyes
My heart, she cries to the skies
     for thy beautiful bow
Fix me forever in the glory of thy glow
          O Great King,
And let me forever flow from a righteous stream

copyrights 2007
Robert Anthony James

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Truth is Deeper than Skin Color