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You hide there away form me
As though I intended rape
But I'll have you in my bucket
You little elusive grape.

That's my first one filled,
Right up to the lip
And placed in the line
For Christian to tip.

I think an early finish,
Rather than a late,
If we continue picking
Grapes at this rate.

The day has got hotter
Since the  mist has broken
As for the early finish
I wish I'd never spoken

For this gentle wine berg
Suddenly seems so very steep
And I think I'll pick grapes
Tonight all through my sleep.

And next time I open a bottle
I'll take some time to think
About the love and effort gone
In growing grapes for drink.

They hid away from me
As though I'd intended rape,
But I got them in my bucket
Those sweet elusive grapes

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