ameriKKKa's Most Hated Muslim Poet  
  Habib Abu Lateef Babatunde

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Power to the People
Who give DAWAH to
The people ... All Power
Comes from Allah.

The penalties in this
Nation for those giving
Dawah ... public
Vilification, death or

As our leaders and
Soldiers Fall .. no
National monuments
Built for us ... yall

Sell outs fear the
above ... So they show
the shayateen
Much love.

Seeking social accommodation,
wanting cultural assimilation ...
Succumbing to an imitation
of life ...

Filled with Moral degradation,
societal and international
humiliation ... hooked on
a counterfeit life.

Serving out their Earthly
probation, living like
slaves on the great satan's

Habituated in ways that are
shaytonic ... hooked on forty
oncer's, pigs meat and the

With shaytan as their head
The morally dead keeps one
foot in the grave afraid to

As we approach the Hour,
there is danger in giving
dawah ... the Kafiroon fear
the power ... cause they
can't stop the dawah!

Their diseased hearts ...
The reason they mistrust
Us ... miscarriage of
Justice ... so they Bust

Planned Conspiracies ...
no Mishaps. Justice
Demands U Free H.Rap.

Locking him down for
Just doing the Deen ...
We say, " Free
Imam Jamil Abdullah

In a fire fueled with
Men and stones, the
Tyrants will aimlessly
and eternally rome.
Free Imam Jamil ...

O, how you've ruined
Your souls, lusting for
Those barrels of black
Gold ... that you covet
And desire to control.

Hypocrite and lier ...
You ... shaitan did sire ...
That black gold is just
Fuel for the fire.

It will not ransom your
Souls or free your hearts
from the Corruption they

Knowing of Islam's
Inherent Superiority,
Fearing the Inevitability ...
Of Allah's will ... you
framed Imam Jamil.

U Locked him down ...
But you can't break him
Down ... if you don't
Come around ... Allah
Will tear you down.

World trade center
Imploded ... ameriKKKan
psyche exploded ...

A government run by
killer clowns, what next in
Flames will go down?

U should fear Allah
Instead of fearing
H. Rap Brown.

Kafiroon be damned
Free our Imam!
We ain't got no fear,
Free our Ameer!

We know you and Iblis
can't be trusted ... and
One day ... we'll end up
Dead or Busted.

Taking off it's head,
And killing it's roots,
We are resolute in our
Pursuit of destroying

The fence, we don't
Straddle, We are
Prepared for battle.

Looking forward to
Entering The Garden's
gate ... knowing that
Death or Super-max
May be our fate.

Let our actions be seen
and Hear our words ...
Martyrs, look forward to
Residing In The Belly of
Green Birds!

U think locking us down
will stop The dawah?
U ain't got that power!

You have shut your
Printing presses completely
Down ... when it comes
To the subject of
H. Rap Brown.

But still word of his ill
Treatment by your hands ...
Gets around.

You can't stop the
Dawah ... cause U ain't got
The power.

Allah is The owner of
Power. He gives to
Whomever He please ...

As Muslims ... we would
Rather die on our feet
Than to live on our Knees.

All Power to the Muslim
People ... Who give dawah
to the people ...
And All Power comes
From Allah!

U think ... cut off the head,
The body will be dead ...
O unbelievers ... U are so

U can kill the body
Murder the entire Jamaat
But the dawah cannot
Be stopped!

The head will still Be ...
Because the head of Islam
Is Allah, and there is
No god but He.

Abu Lateef


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