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Many will pass the chance to know
The word forgive and not let go
Anger that seems to live inside
With rage in souls in them abides

We chance that fate will change these things
But in the midst of everything
Ignore that if we looked real close
We could release these dreary ghosts

There is no gain or reward won
To feel this pain that has undone
The good GOD sees inside of you
The child that once knew of Him too

The scenes of life will change in fact
Sometimes you'll fall but get right back
To where GOD sees you need to be
Forgiven, loved, your soul set free

Free your mind to turn the other cheek
A trait unique of strength not weak
How much you ask will all this cost
Nothing it's free for those once lost

Heartache comes and breaks sometimes
The man, woman who heals with time
The child whose need for mothers milk
You tattered rag, changed to fine silk

Suffer do all who fail to see
What GOD offers to you and me
Love beyond for us he bore
Birthed on cross, yet more in store

Forgiveness yours if you so chose
Life renewed through CHRIST who rose

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