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 Daughter Forever

Was not by choice you let her go
This too and more GOD sees and knows
But life birthed upon this Earth
Is one small gift of Heavens worth

We live each day with hope to keep
Alive our loss assumed defeat
But know this well and hold unto
She lives forever, GOD holds her too

She walks on streets paved of pure Gold
Awaits you loved to see and hold
Again when God will call for you
Where peace you'll know who saw you through

It's not easy to let one go
Through death your heart seems to explode
Each day without daughter you miss
Whose tears you wiped and face you kissed

Yet you go on for she would want
For you to live but not with haunts
As she's no ghost but is your heart
Daughter forever that death can't part

Words can't express or make you feel
That life is good and how to deal
But once again I say to you
GOD calms all storms that rain pain too

We hope and pray your life dismayed
Will change knowing in you she stays
In heart and mind, body and soul
Through joy knowing you she still holds

Love to you, in memory of Joanna

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