A Synthetic Soul

Watching You (Part 1)

Behind your window of opaque satin sheets,
Lies your silhouette, and your motionless body as it sleeps.
I am everywhere you are, but I am nowhere to be seen.
I am watching you, I am all the place and everywhere in between.

I am your make shift-shadow that you don't know exists.
I am the guy that calls your house home, for in its shadows are where I live.
I am there when you think you are alone.
I am the guy that calls your house and hangs up when you answer the phone.
I am watching every move you make.
I am watching every step you take..I am watching you.

As you sleep now, I run my fingers though your silken hair.
My fingertips brush over your smooth skin, as my nostrils taste the dawning air.
Behind your satin sheets, over your windowsill I go.
Until tomorrow night. For my secret you shall never know.

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