A Synthetic Soul

Waiting For My Moment

With my selfish thoughts and selfish dreams.
My body is a soulless corpse with many needs.
The need to see you cower and the need to see you weep.
The need to cause you pain and watch you cry while you sleep.
My mind is ever plotting, to express my eternal rage.
The goal of my life is to watch you suffer, and share with you my pain.
Life is hell and my hell is your life,
Life is pain; life is torture an everlasting blight.
An ever-lasting existence driven by my persistence.
Persistence to break you, to tear you apart and desecrate you.
Demonstrate to you you're nothing.
I surpass you. Spit in your face then laugh at you.
Right now, I allow you to continue on without me
But I'll always be there watching you quietly.
Waiting for my moment, to reach out and touch you.
To pierce your soul, to squeeze you heart. To prove that I'm above you.
To bring you to the edge of the end, then stop, start over and begin again.

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