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 Steps to Healing

This is a follow up write
May it bring you insight
When I wrote Even in Pain
I knew it was not in vain

My test results came back
Air in my sinuses like a sac
The ENT called it an infection
Needing antibiotic medication

I know God will make me well
Just as His Spirit in me dwells
It took several doctors to find out
God was with me without a doubt

Pain comes in many forms
Physical or emotional storms
Both often take time to heal
Some say what's the big deal?

Pain indicates something is wrong
By ignoring it you will only prolong
Treatment necessary to bring healing
It warns you by what you are feeling

Guilt is like pain that eats at your soul
Making you feel not completely whole
Only one way will fill that void inside
By asking Jesus to come in and abide

Receiving His forgiveness and grace
Wipes away all your sin and disgrace
The baggage you are carrying now
Give it to Him by laying it all down

Psalm 38:4 (NIV)
My guilt has overwhelmed me like a
burden too heavy to bear.

Written by Carol Salter on 10/8/07

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