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 Brothers and Sisters

I have been blessed with 2 brothers and 2 sisters.
Each of them somewhat younger then me,
they enjoy reminding me that I am the oldest -
and getting older each day.

Carolyn, my strawberry blonde sister,
a beauty to all, always turning strangers heads
anywhere that she goes.
Everyone just sees the beauty she is but most do not see
her beautiful tender heart, no not at all!

My youngest sister Janet, know to all, by her nickname Tykie,
is the brainest of all. She is the youngest and
part of my heart, and I am so proud of her
because she lives her life her way with no apology at all!

My brother Marty, closest in age to me,
the two of us share simular memories.
Our whole family convinced he was a confirmed bachelor,
until he surprised us by committing to love
and marrying in his late 40's

Then there is dear Mikie , whose life was much too short,
Taken from all us leaving a big empty void.
His smile, grin and laugh are the memories that are left,
but bring warm tender thoughts until we are together again.

2007 P A. Ingersoll

2007 P A. Ingersoll

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