Maria Guzvic

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In shaded park by a fountain
With water rippling clear
Rustic bench with name written
Commemorating memories held dear

A rosebush in private corner
Blooms reaching to the sky
The scented fragrant echoes
Our hearts in harmony did fly

A posy tied with love strands
Lonely weeping willow tears
Each aspect of our lives now
My soul feels sliced with sharp spears

For someone so beloved
Materials things didn't show
The depth you are within me
I need my love to know

With words that flow from eyes stained
You are forever in my being
A single day will not pass now
Ways you loved me I am seeing

That love I keep ignited
As days roll into weeks
My fingers stretch towards you
My lips will brush your cheeks

And when each day is silent
Darkness encroaches my mind
I see my strength in words and
My soul in yours will find

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