Absent Minded

6 books of riddle written about 8 steps to figure me out

Lost in the instructions of the miracles
and other such works
is a story untold
on eof stalking the heads of the beast
the one cut off flying around the world
that only the truly insane can see
the ones no one truly believes yet are hypnotised by
as all muses and languages
of the truth of the tower of babel concelaed revealed speaks
gods language is the language of the souls
when god says something it is spoken to everyone
everything and all understand
and the heads of the beast repeat it in several different languages
in order to gain power to control and dominate the will and hearts of men

whats a muse
whats in a name?
what is your language all about?
the songs they sing the moods they bring
the plots taht thicken
the politicians and kings
hypnotised not brainwashed by powerfull heads
that wear several crowns
of the beast

one of the heads
the head cut off
the one travelling this world is the suicidal head
that knows itself all to well
it plans to fail
it is powerful
and forewarns us of the dangers of the other heads
and their powers
of the other languages of their muses and genres called crowns
that govern the lands that have men confused
to go after greed and fame

the suicidal head travels around from place to place
an object to crave a confusion of wether or not to thank the one who had freed it
or be mad as hell for the scar it had recieved

on ehead is hostile and angry
one head will use trickery and love to decieve you
one head is cunning and intelligent

and this beast has a purpose to the god it was created for
to protect the true creator from the gods it had created
stalking the heads of the beast this beast has been studied
and for now everything we write
most of our art
many of our dreams we live
are part of the beasts plans to rule and dominate over our world
until one day
we nurture the head that is planning to fail
the suicidal head where we all stay strong
and learn the language of the souls to either sleigh this beast
or capture it for once and for all
to never be fooled or tricked or decieved by its demons it represents
and the feat of unequal measure it once was
will be nothing more than a fairytale
of a 6 books of riddles
of eight simple steps to figure me out
to tame the beast

how to capture it
how to feed it
how to please it
how to release it
how to love it
how to please it
these are secrets only the true master of the beast knows
i have studied the suicidal head of the beast of woe that knows itself
and delved into its light and darkness
and with the head wandering the globe
and all of us brainwashed hypnotised souls i know
the language is the head
the genres of what we do with the language in its muse
of lyrics songs and prose are a few of its crowns
and that languages art is a way into the language of the souls
however tread carefully the paths you choose to go
through the open channels of the language of the souls
for banshees cry and the hearts of many long since died still moan

there is a way to destroy the beast and a way to tame it
a way to cast out its crowns and a way to explain them
thi sbeast and its crowns and the crown upon them are curses
and dispelling this takes patience and time
i know what i am up against
a feat of unequal measure
and im sure in time i will be reminded once again
so please understand the curses i am among
help me when you can
signal and please me with love
speak to many through languages of the soul
and we shall see a new place

For when the first head was cut off
the other six that all spoke at the same time made more sense
this beast of a curse
was created ins uch away that as you destroy it
wether helpless or not it gains pwer
so in order to tame the beast we will have to work together
with two heads cut loose and no way known how to trap them
the four heads will gaion power and make more sense and our loss of control
of our own sphere of influence of the language of the souls will be heightened

to study the beast you have to studt the muses of all the world
studt the suicadal head that knows itself well
of all the mindframes from false prophets to poetic loveletter wishing you to high hells
you must understanmd how the pieces fit and switch when misplaced like trains oin different tracks
this curse for me to suffer through that oi bear
is more than many can withstand

6 books of riddle about the 8 simple steps to figure me out
7 crowns of recycled dreams
stalking the beast
i know who i am
your gullible god catering to one that plans to fail
to do us all in
at the end of the world
so here i create a corner

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6 books of riddle written about 8 steps to figure me out

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