Absent Minded

a sentence the heads live by

head of suicide and tales of woe
knows itself but yet secrets untold

Head of perverse rage and acts of abuse of every kind
youd even beat yourself up if that was your will

Head of deception and paranoia and fear
i know love knows no bounds and can be one of your tricks

Head of cunning and intelligence
masked with humor for a sting

where did all this start
but the fact we were all the same and needed to be governed to be different
the beast is what makes us what we are?
might be its best defence?

head of subconcious terrors and fear
head of religions and dogmas

i know your wavelengths are all dictated by a sentence
not just one you serve
but like one spoken to you
where the sentence spoke to you long ago dictates what you do
and is your curse to be broken
your life is lived like a sentence

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a sentence the heads live by

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