Absent Minded

How Jesus escaped Hell

there were two heads of the beast
forever locked in a passionate kiss
the head of lust
and the suicidal head
i brought the suicidal head with me from hell
to prove this is not hell
but hell exists

in hell
there are kings
and many are greedy
so i said make my life a game
instead of the bounty being on me to punish and kill the innocent
make this your feat of unequal measure
and yes i am thrilled to let you in
those among the population of hell
who can show me the exit and help plot my escape
are the future kings of hell
and all involved in my escape will rule hell
and the kings who wish to keep their rule
will be involved as well

for this is my first of three visits
i will return
so if this isnt hell
you have nothing to worry about
but if this is hell
ive already outsmarted you all
made myself a king of pain
to rule you all with a simple game
that will torment your souls
and upon my return i will release you
and show you how
for no wthat i am a king i will eventually learn the secrets
find my way out and be back to condemn once again

but if this is earth
would they trick me into thinking ive lost myself
somewhere i shouldnt be
to test me and see if i am truly what i think i am?
would they turn the world into a nightmare of guns and bombs
and headgames and statanic rule
or would they too all be fools?

so kings and peasants the bounty of the gods shall be known
im done hiding
and muirder and suicide in hell so overdone
anyone who can show me the way out of this trap
will rule the underworld until i return
and if this is earth
i have something to show you you cannot see
a head of the beast that i stole from hell
the suicide head once forever engaged in a passionate kiss
with the head of lust

I will bring the head back to hell so they will release me once more
and change the rules
and your world will change as well
what do you know world of heavens and love notes
to help me spot my assassin
of a carbon copy run away
to be born again as the righteous king of hell
whose game was forgiveness
to get sinners to do the right thing
so their hands could be washed clean?

If this is the planet the living dwell
no harm done
if this is hell by any other name as i know the name of the plane of pains and torment changes
the bounty of the gods
and the game of the kings has been released
and those who rule who wish not to be a fool
show me the exit
or lose it all
and start back at the beginning
before i came to rescue you all from the nightmare you were living
and what you were promised i may or may not give to you

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How Jesus escaped Hell

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