Absent Minded

The god complex game

so ur god huh?
wanna play a game?
think u can surprise urself?
how much do u know about the patterns of life
the serial killer that stalks us all with his friend death
hiding behind what mask?

and it looks like you will have a date with destiny
hope you can make it half way across the world
to learn how to kill time
before you are granted the first of these cursed objects upon your birthday
that only happens
when the world that revolves around you
doesnt slow down the hitman time is to you
they all shake hands with
that gives you another curse

so you say you are god hey?
well let me explain my game
lets kill time together
because if he makes it my way again
im granted with the next curse upon my endless list of hells and high waters
from the murder game in the middle all the way to runaway tag

everytime my shield around me of people stop killin gime as i have taught them
and time reaches me
and i age
another gift of a curse unravelled
and the next level of the game im forced to play
another player added
wether it be destiny
the devil
or mankind himself

so ur god huh
can u teach me gabrielles dance to kill time?
want me to pave the way for you to ur date with destiny
all about your surprise you crave
and wonder about the next layers of fate
and the ul;timatums of mankind
to runa way from the deaf dumb and blind?

so you are god huh?
wanna save me from myself and cure me from this game i paid to play
the stairway im trying to purchase
as i pave the way to hell
as many enjoy whining and complaining
and oi look to plot my escape?

ur god huh?
wanna play a game?
dates with destiny reservations
and the name game chanhging location
sliding bait n switch
fate and death have tricks
and here i am stalked by life
writing it all down
and none of you have any clue
im not lieing im uninviyted as im being cliamed
like many by a serial killer
who thinks hes a genius
but what do i kno wim the flase prophet revolutionary genius
under rug swept pleading the fifth
whose already read the script

anyone wanna play god
learn how to slide away and sway in the aisles of disbelief
im the disappearing act
and in the end you could become a boss of insanity
of the cult of everything wrong
ur god huh
welcome to earth care to show me how to kill some time
or do u wanna follow me?

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The god complex game

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