Maria Guzvic

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 WHAT    YOU    DO

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It happens every time you are near me
A restless stirring inside
My heart seems to stop and then start again
For you are the reason I am alive

We were placed at opposite ends of this world
And fought through a terrain of adversity
To find that destined partnership
A love which began far from prosperity

Our lives were mapped out from birth
Culminating by a chance in a million
A power far stronger than breath itself
Directed us out of the state of oblivion

Without a mysterious line of events
Which still renders me unbelieving
Two shadows would have swept by separate paths
Our love with no chance of conceiving

God moves in mysterious ways
His deft brush painted our future's together
I trust all the time He had planned our unity
His wish was to nurture us forever

Every time you are near me
A cloud of butterflies, enchanted and free
Flutter in a magical spirit deep within
Transporting me to heaven's sea of tranquility

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