Absent Minded

the walking deadman of th New age serial killer

Here i am the walking deadman
i know you probably dont believe me
but here are the cold hard facts
loosely based
a sick twisted game
in tthe music and media
of a man working towards guiding a cult
torturing his victoms
like cat and mouse
plotting it all out
and all he has to do
is threaten the music industry
and make a non existant crime scene

Some serial killers used riddles
some used codes to gain their fame
most of them play games
well im done hiding
i know ima wlaking deadman
looking around
who it is thats trying to kill me
as my friends screw with my head
and society has no idea
of the terrible game the rockstars are forced to play
to save such a pathetic life
such as mine

so sparkle and fade and shine
gather round
and slide
pass the dutch
whatever it takes
i cant do it i refuse to keep crying
and this is my life
tortured by a serial killer
who uses threats to the musicians and media
to stalk me
with synchronicity


Im the same wonderfull jail bait
i was back then
im the same desperate jerk off
ive always been
im the same whining snivelling crying new aged nun in disguise
throwing away his dreams
planning to fail
as you tell me nothing
so you can sing me to suuicide
as you watch this serial killer stalk me
watch me
and you sing me to death
as he writes hi snext cypher

I know im not the only one
im not alone and its harder than you know
to be what i am
a living dead man
who knows the truth of this world
looking for friends living alie
begging the real ones to run for their lives
it doesnt matter
someone please help me
i know its not all right
the letters the threats the phone calls to the media
the singers
the journalists
the talkshow hosts
the cyphers the codes your figuring out
and me in the middle tryong to save myslef
to be blamed is my only life line
ok so please understand
there is a reason for all the stupid things i do
as i am a wlaking deadman
surrounded by a few others
playing a poker game for life and death
and winning means everything
and even the police recieve threats
met with the fact they can lose too

New aged serial killer
singing me to death
do i love my government?
do i love my guns?
do i love anymore?
want to know what?
I cant scream any louder when you all walk away and do nothing
and think this is all fake
my names are freaking songs
i have to plan to fail
its not easy to live this way
and god only knows if i ever get away
if i will be able to change

why did he pick me
i will never know
claim to fame
practice makes perfect i dont know
ive seen it i live it
i dont understand it but i know
this new aged serial killer
is controlling a nation
and soon enough you will rather let me die
then let him have totla control
so what am i to do?
did you plan for that?
did you teach me how to suruvive the impossible?
or did he predict that?

some sacrifices might ned to be made
as it seems like me versus the world
you want me to run away
and you know as well as i do i wont get very far
im doing better than ever being a rock
and stirring the pot
so maybe
just maybe
get over here
whoever you are for the real amazing race is on

Im spotlighted in filth
and insanity
and suicide and hells i no longer wish to achieve
my dreams are nightmares
i have too much snot on my sleeves
the cult isnt as big as you think so be brave
its not the government
its a one man army with a few recruits
manipulating the media back with fear
and once the attention has been gotten
and me the bait
the hunter will come near

I plan to fail
run away
and he might as well be on my tail
and the threats will probably stop
and you can cheerl ead me or not
the longer i sit here the more he can plot
i have to come up with aplan and you unfortunately have to get involved
if one life matters
and here it is mine
care for me
like i would you
because no one told me
the serial killer singer
with codes and cyphers
death threats and met promises
the gam,e of hell on earth ive been living becasue ive been born into it

either save me
some how some way
or this walking deadman will do whatever it takes to escape
consider that threat
as im surrounded by this nightmare im amongst
and guilty looking people wether or not theyve been set up
if theyre not going to be brave and talk
and let me solve this together
i will throw them out
for no hell could possibly be worse then the target
of what ive gonr through
of the new age serial killer who obviously knows how to manipulate the world through psychology
the way the world works in layers and gullibility
and twisted games
of synchronicity

the music plagues me
every song seems to be about me in ways you cannot comprehend
the television mocks me
if only you knew i do not need another friend
the government looks to blame
becausre they are using me as bait
or to sacrifice me to gewt to the trreuth in the end
whats the truth anyway
the new age serial killer of detahthreats and ultimatums me the walking deadman
im doine hiding
now come and get me before i dive off the deep end and consider the whacko my only true friend left



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the walking deadman of th New age serial killer

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