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I will endeavour to be happy
Endeavour to be good
Why should I do the opposite
Of what I know I should.
The morning begins quite cheery
As out of bed I leap
Today's bold resolutions
I'm trying hard to keep.
I will eat some fruit for breakfast
And coffee without caffeine
Before the time's ten thirty
I'll be on the verge of scream.
To take my mind off doughnuts
And chocolate and cake
I think I will rush to wardrobe
A decision there to make.
Will today's choice be from ‘slim' side
All trendy tight and young
Or will it be grey and frumpy
And blouse all droopy hung.
No, first I'll don my tracksuit
A vivid shade of red
A backward glimpse in mirror
Wish I had stayed in bed.
Cavort along the kitchen
A stunned daughter quizzically peeps
Come six o'clock this evening
And I'll be fit for sleep.
No, come on weary trouper
Acclimatise to saddle
You know you will feel virtuous
After an hour you have pedalled.
Fifty push-ups---------ok two then
And body falls in heap
I shouldn't have gone on cycle
That hill it was too steep.
The scenario is so familiar
I play it through my mind
As with chocolate bar I open
Well,I need it to unwind!!

not to be taken too seriously...

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