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Oh Valentine

Tis my fate to wait
upon such date; and not to abate
such hour, in ivory tower
by mortal power, that time devour
my valentine.  Long I pine
your heart to mine.  Oh, to be thine!

Vivid hue, oh soul so true,
be not blue surrounded by you;
but endless time breed out of sync rhyme,
shadows and mime, when absent your climb
into mine eyes.  For, my spirit rise
to receive thy prize of bonded ties.

In tortured soliloquy I echo my reverie,
as upon my knee, pray never let free
mine and your heart or one second part;
but let cupid's dart complete love's art.
Oh, crimson cheek, it's thy passion we seek
to be never meek; but to thy crest peak.

Emotion surge to heed the urge.
Body and soul purge of love's merge.
As if fated by tarot; we heed cupid's arrow,
swift like the sparrow, deep to our marrow.
I anxiously greet thy throbbing beat
and heed repeat of such holy retreat!

Time, such sweet ache, happiness you make
and to my heart wake each breath I take.
Minutes do fly when together we lie.
Without thee I sigh until you are nigh.
Oh, be it my fate, do not be late,
for I cannot wait to consummate.

Oh, heart be still, that time is nil,
as you now fill the hours I will
at thy call be only for thee.
For, you hold the key unto me.
Your heart and mine forever entwine,
as minutes resign. Oh valentine!

With all my love to Pat 2/2/03

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Oh Valentine

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