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You send angels to ignite dreams
And then demons flock me at night
I  watched your silver tipped moon
Just yesterday
People who laugh and people who care about me
I go home to hear my name softly spoken
Entwined with hugs to bind the broken hearted
And yet, Oh Lord, I feel I don't want thee by and by
I have chased it seventy times seventy seven times
Around and around
Only to be punched in the face with brass
And stabbed in the heart with razors
I pour out all of my strength
Into an investment I have lost
I have made not one, but two mistakes
And now I have to fight them all over again
I annoint my door with oil
And scream at the memories in my head
Every encounter, every call
And his voice forever lives with me
Bury me, oh please, bury me alive
And let me die in my own grave
Pour dirt aloft my head
And I will watch romeo scream in dispair
I do not want what you have
I do not want it
Test me, see if I have any once of love left
For any prince, or any man, or anybody
I have giving away all the love inside of me
Bless the man who has betrayed me
And curse every memory who has robbed my future
Douse my mind with bleach and...and..
Kill every God forsaken memory already!
Fastfoward the clocks! and...and..
I love you, God
Take me home to be with you
if I cannot have my only dream
Take me home.

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