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I have w8ted O! so very long
For the life of love, and things,
I have w8ted tired endless nights
For the change of my old scene.
I have w8ted by brooks and ponds
And such, just w8ting, for a change.
I have w8ted long and hard, for
my very own success- I guess that is
not so much a w8t, but a chase you
won't forget. Ah! Excuse for I digress,
I will speak on of my w8ting.
I have sat through life, and close calls
with death, as I was contemplating.
I have w8ted for a blood red sun to rise
with friends I may never forget,

It never came I am afraid to say
For we were w8ting where it set.
I have w8ted for my tears to come,
when I was happy or when I was blue.
I know I have w8ted on my mother,
when she was late to pick me up from school.
I have w8ted, late, on lonely nights,
with heartache as my best friend.
I have w8ted for my phone to ring, when
my sadness had no end.
But I have never w8ted, such as this,
for a love that loved not me;

so, long I sit and ponder what
the purpose plays on thee.
I know that I will w8t till my heart is
broken and is filled with sorrows of no end.
But I will w8t only to keep w8ting, while
writing with my pen.

-m johnson

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