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In silence

Can you hear it?
That gigantic roar as dust jingles to
the surface of your soft crimson pillow.
The sound that mice make as they attend
To their sleeping, far off in a neighbor's kitchen.
The seething of grass as it is attacked
Fiercely, by the shadow of an impressive, dead wind.
The shrill cry of the mountain as it sits, innately
Dormant, willing to offer nothing but a look
Of intimidation- Roaring, tantrums, bluffing and
Boasting, as it sits and erodes. Alone.


Can you hear it?
Silence is calling, it was there…
For that second, while you sat in your city
Hearing the pipsqueak chatter of cars,
And the tedious lyrics in chatter,
You also hear the omniscience of silence.
Its soft hands suppress you,
I wonder if your busy life will ever let you
Feel them.

-m johnson