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 WHAT    TO    WEAR!?!

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I'm debating with myself what to wear tonight
Which mode to go for : femme fatal or coy
Perhaps I can manage a mixture of both
And have an evening I can fully enjoy

The contents of my over-stuffed wardrobe
Now resemble Mount Everest on top of my bed
Oh dear, what a complete and utter mess
I should have gone for pot-luck instead

The black dress with the black shoes
I decide is too school marm
The pleated mini skirt with a cute top, just
Won't be very warm

Silky trousers perhaps, with ballerina pumps
Plaid trousers with cashmere shrug
A 60's style shift dress in orange
No, that will make me look like a bug

I knew I should have declined the offer
I really don't have a thing to wear!
Perhaps my birthday suit would be appropriate
Only, little children I don't want to scare!

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