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 The Missionary

Far from home their work endless
Sometimes it seems man could care less
But called by GOD to light the way
Where darkness rules, innocence pays

The sick hunger for healing hands
To soothe great pain, to save souls damned
By Aids, idols that ravage lives
By choice not theirs, some scared by lies

Their pay no more but less withstood
To free and change with faith they could
Bring a smile and hope with words
Spoken by CHRIST, yet to be heard

Missionary, GODS chosen ones
To begin work yet to be done
In Africa, where thousands cry
For help and love by desperate eyes

Their mission to change the world
Bestow GODS love on precious pearl
Known as our Earth where heard are calls
For help to rain, from Heaven fall

The Missionary.. GODS Angels on Earth

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Dedicated to Beky Poteat and Pastors Daniel & Rose Ndimantang
May GOD continue to bless you and those you save
in his name. Your brother in CHRIST,  Eddie Flores

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